About this auction

Each year, the masterful cuppers at Daterra search far and wide for unique small lots of coffee, The Masterpieces.

About this year's theme

Inspired by the modernist movement of Brazil, Daterra brings to you our best coffees of 2022. Each of our coffees pay homeage to a lengendary modernist artist who portrayed the beauty and diversity of Brazil.

We are excited to tell you this story, and we hope you enjoy learning a little bit of art history through coffee.


Prepare your bids!

Our 2022 auction features 12 coffees mode in our experimental processing unit Masteropac.

This year we're introducing a new fermentation technique - a refrigerated anaerobic process -and advancing our research of foreign genetics with Datopia: a mix of ethiopian varietals cultivated in Daterra. Each coffee is accompanied by o digital illustration generated with artificial intelligence, as a representation of the flavours found in coffee and the artist that inspired it. .

Are you interested?

We are always testing new ways of producing coffee, with new and unusal varietals, processing methods, drying techniques and limitless experiements, to ensure that every year you bid on something unique!

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